Ministry to the Sick


Ministry Schedule - (October-November-December 2017)

Ministry Schedule - (January-February-March 2018)

Blessed Sacrament Church has an extensive ministry to those who are homebound or who live in nursing homes. It has been said that the people whom we serve in the Communion Ministry to the sick could be seen as a small mission church! On any given week, ministers visit about 90 people individually either in their homes or in local nursing homes. We also hold Communion Services every Friday at two independent living homes - Brandon Wood and Creekwood. There are about 35 people who directly serve in this ministry and they are usually scheduled about once a month. Typically, a person will be added to our visitation list by a post hospital follow up call or a phone call to the office. If you have a loved one that cannot attend Mass and is at home or in a nursing home in Morton, please contact Mickey King to have them added to the visitation list.


Members of our pastoral staff, including Fr. Jerry, Fr. Matt, Deacon Kevin Zeeb and Mickey King, visit the local Peoria hospitals throughout the week or when called to do so. We are often unaware of who is in the hospital on any given day, so if you or a loved one has been admitted, please notify the parish office (266-9721) and the name of the person will be added to the visitation list.


Faith Community Nursing (FCN) provides an avenue through which Blessed Sacrament Church can better minister to the whole person – body, mind, and spirit, and enhances the ability of the church to respond to the health needs of the congregation, thereby impacting the wellness of the faith community. FCN is directed by a team of individuals made up of both medical and non-medical volunteers from our parish community who work together to advocate for health and wellness. The team seeks to meet the needs of our parish community through interpersonal relationships, health education and referral assistance for special needs under the guidance of the FCN coordinator, the pastor and parish staff.


There are a number of ministries at Blessed Sacrament Church that engage in charitable acts of service to the sick throughout the year. Through the efforts of those involved in any one of these ministries, parishioners are given a little extra consideration to better meet personal, social, and spiritual needs in some of the following ways:

5th Grade Pen Pals and Prayer Partners - students correspond with the elderly and homebound throughout the year.

5th Grade Christmas Caroling - students visit their pen pals at Christmas.

Altar & Rosary Christmas Gifts - distributed to our homebound and nursing home residents.

Blessed Sacrament School After Care - students send cards to homebound and nursing home parishioners on special occasions.

Fall Clean-Up Day - High School youth assist with yard work for those who are unable to to this themselves.

Meal Ministry - for those who have temporary set-backs due to illness or surgery.

Sunshine Lady - sends cards to parishioners who are sick or in the hospital.

Visitation Ministry - additional attention given to the sick outside of Communion visits.

Work of Our Hands Ministry - members make gifts to distribute to the elderly and sick. 


If you would like more information about the Ministry to the Sick, contact Mickey King at 266-9721, ext. 252, or email

Ministry to the Sick