Bereavement Ministry

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted, saves those whose spirit is crushed. [Psalm 34:19]


Thursday, July 26 @ 6:30 PM ~ Bridal Room

What is grief?  Grief is not an illness or a disease.  It is a normal reaction to the death of someone you love.  You grieve deeply because you love deeply.  Grief is the process by which healing takes place but it can be hard work!  Our Catholic faith can be a tremendous source of strength in helping us through this difficult journey.

The mission of the Bereavement Ministry of Blessed Sacrament Church is to assist in the healing process by providing support for any individual who has experienced the death of a loved one.  This outreach is facilitated by trained ministers who offer a compassionate, consoling and encouraging presence thereby manifesting Christ’s mercy, hope and love during periods of pain and sorrow.

If you are grieving, or know of someone else who could use the prayers and support of our faith community during this difficult time, please contact Mickey King (266-9721, ext.252/email: to discuss our various avenues of assistance.


As companions on the journey, specially trained bereavement ministers offer support by making phone calls and home visits, sending letters and cards, providing personal resource material, and connecting grieving families with public health resources in the local community.


This support group meets on the fourth Thursday of most months beginning at 6:30 PM.  The sessions are open to anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one regardless of where they are at on their grief journey or whether or not they have attended in the past.  Group participants support each other by sharing their unique experiences and by offering wisdom, reassurance, and consolation. The environment creates a warm and hospitable space where the opportunity for healing is cultivated.


During the month of November, the Bereavement Ministry and Knights of Columbus host a Memorial Mass to commemorate and honor those who have died.  Anyone is welcome to submit the name of their loved one and they will be remembered in a special way during the Mass. Following the Mass, a private dinner is held at the Knights of Columbus Hall for family members of deceased Knights.  All others are invited to attend a light reception in the Parish Hall after the Mass where grief resource material will be made available to any interested parties.


Grief resource information and event notifications are sent out periodically via the Grief Care email distribution list. If you are unable to attend the meetings but would like to add your name to the distribution list to receive Grief Care news, please contact Mickey King (266-9721, ext. 252/


Rex & Cathy Bartelmay

Mickey King

Cheryl Miller

Deacon Dave Steeples

Judi Yocum

Fr. Jerry Ward


For more information about the Bereavement Ministry, contact Mickey King at 266-9721, ext. 252, or email


Olga M. Miller ~ June 4, 2018

Michael W. Beaty ~ May 16, 2018

John M. Genovese, Jr. ~ April 17, 2018

Melvin A. Robbins ~ April 16, 2018

Diana J. Gilligan ~ April 5, 2018

Lanny G. Laughland ~ March 24, 2018

Jack Holford ~ March 23, 2018

Betty Woelfel ~ March 16, 2018

John R. Hogan ~ March 5, 2018

Eunice Z. Viktor ~ March 4, 2018

Gabriel R. Corrigan ~ February 18, 2018

Joan Theobald ~ February 5, 2018

Cecilia Allen ~ January 21, 2018

Karl Eschelbach ~ January 19, 2018

Harriett Thornton ~ January 13, 2018

Shirley A. West ~ December 13, 2017

Robert G. Hovland ~ December 12, 2017

Edward Frietsch ~ December 11, 2017

John "Lee" Bozdech ~ December 7, 2017

Elaine Roberts ~ December 1, 2017

Connie Simmons ~ November 30, 2017

James Gilles ~ November 26, 2017

Constance Payton ~ November 18, 2017

Wanda Papis ~ November 11, 2017

Janet Grebner ~ October 15, 2017

Carolee Farris ~ October 14, 2017

John Zaremba ~ October 9, 2017

Mary Osborne ~ October 4, 2017

Sandy M. DeSantis ~ September 16, 2017

Carol Vrabel ~ August 8, 2017

Joseph Leonard ~ August 14, 2017

Stanley Bugaieski ~ July 16, 2017

Michelle A. Rossi ~ July 10, 2017

Michael Baer ~ July 1, 2017

Richard N. Miller ~ June 27, 2017

Robert E. Loscheider ~ June 2, 2017