Commission on Education

The Church has the communal responsibility to provide opportunities for Catholic education for all its members, from the smallest child to the College of Bishops. Catholics have the corresponding responsibility to take advantage of these opportunities for their own continuing development. Respecting the rights of the Christian faithful to advise pastors regarding the good of the Church and cognizant of his own responsibility for education in the Diocese, the Bishop of Peoria established the following policy: "Each parish is to have a local commission on education or participate with other parishes in a commission on education responsible for discerning the Christian formation and educational needs of the entire parish community and for providing policies and programs to meet those needs." Catholic Diocese of Peoria Policy G-210/P-CDOP. 

Pursuant to the policy, the Blessed Sacrament Commission on Education was established in 1965--the first such Commission in the Diocese. The Commission on Education encompasses all educational programs in the parish. These include Blessed Sacrament School, religious education classes for public school students (K-12) and all adult education in the parish. Commission meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm. We invite and encourage all interested parishioners to attend.

Commission on Education Members

  • Leah Rochford
  • Mary Oswald
  • Mary Katherine Smith
  • Brenton Westbrook
  • Ed Riesberg
  • Garry Finch
  • Mike Birdoes, Principal
  • Msgr. Jerry Ward, Pastor